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Acoustic guitars and ukulele Carpathian are modern European instruments that preserve the age-old manufacturing traditions, made entirely of environmentally friendly materials and have a bright, pure sound.

For the manufacture of guitars we used only top quality Carpathian spruce, maple, peartree, nut tree and forest cherry, which grow in the northern high mountain regions of the Ukrainian Carpathians. All wood undergoes a natural drying process according to the latest standards, which ensures the perfect resonance and durability of each guitar. After drying, the wood is stored in specialized premises with precise control of temperature and humidity of air.

Top of the Carpathian instruments is made from a solid spruce, that giving the sound a bright voice. This kind of wood is quite flexible, so it rests wonder fully on mid-range frequencies, offering an open, loud sound with a widedy namic range. Neck, like the top of the guitar, is also made of solid wood, which guarantees the instrument the exact sound of each note and a good suspension. All details of Carpathian guitars are bonded with natural bone or skin binder (bone / hideglue). The guitars are painted with high-quality nitrolacquer or shellac (nitrolacquer / shellac). Hand-drawing of 8-12 layers of varnish by special technology guarantee sanopen sound with full resonance.

The secret of sounding is not only in high-quality materials. Each instrument is the embodiment of many years of experience of the famous german luthier. Leszek Bryk has been creating guitars in many countries for more than thirty years and collaborating with the most famous luthiers of Europe. Carpathian ukulele is a new page of European instruments that have become a combination of handmade, environmentally friendly materials and precise computer technology. The unique techniques of manufacturing and thorough checking of all the guitars by the experienced crafts man provide professional sound and a comfortable playing.

Carpathian Ukulele comes with a comfortable, ergonomic case, so the instrument can be safely transported. To emphasize the high standards of manufacturing, ukulele are equipped with high-quality, professional strings of Aquila.

Feel the nature of sounding along with the Carpathian.


First step to ukulele world

This miniature Hawaiian instrument is very similar to a regular guitar: all the same neck, all the same deck, but instead of 6 strings – 4. There are several species of ukulele. They differ only in size. The more the cursor is - the lower the structure is played on the instrument. […]

Product Range Of Ukulele Carpathian

The Carpathian range includes two of the most popular sizes: soprano and concert. Our company offers ukulele of various shapes, which are made from different breeds of wood. The form of ukulele is easy to learn from the first letter of the model: S - soprano, C - concert. The tree species is also displayed in the model name. […]

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